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Hi and Welcome to Lost in Jersey. I was born in NYC and raised up north in Dutchess County. Does that qualify me as a New Yorker?? Oh the diehards would say - NO!! But I have had a love affair with "The City" since my parents uprooted me at 4. It has been my Beacon even if I have lived several places during my life.

I am now lucky enough to live in its shadow - a mere 24 minutes into downtown. Still not good enough for me since I am continually subjected to my share of 'armpit' jokes. Jersey is actually a great place to live and has enough flava to make this woman quite happy. I get the BEST of both worlds actually although I cannot, nor will I EVER admit, to being a Jersey Girl. If we had children I would insist we move to New York so that my child could never be called a Jersey Girl :)

This blog will focus on New York and Life in Jersey. All subjects related to both places are up for grabs and you can always send in your requests for information. Welcome and I hope you enjoy.